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Lone Wolf: Horizon is an open world "arena" shooter. Take down the SNA, a rebellious alliance against the nation, on Alice-43b, an alien planet full of flora and fauna. Bring the SNA influence down, and get back home to Earth.


Lone Wolf: Horizon takes place on an isolated island on planet Alice-43b, an alien planet full of flora and fauna. A rebellious and fierce terrorist organization, named the Separated Nation Army, fled to Alice-43b, to set up a headquarters to build an army. Earth's universal army, named the United World Army, took off after the SNA. For several hundred years the UWA and the SNA have been fighting in an intense, exhausting war.In Lone Wolf: Horizon you play as the current deployed army leader. You fight on the battlefield, and you try to bring the UWA's influence up, to take over the SNA. You have a bank balance, which always has money in it. However, the amount of soldiers you have determines the bank balance. The higher number of soldiers, the lower the balance, as you need to pay those soldiers their salaries. You can fire soldiers to gain extra money, to buy weapons at the city center located on the island. However, firing these soldiers angers them, leading them to join the rebels, increasing the enemy influence, and bringing the UWA influence down. This lets you choose two paths: a large army, working together to defeat the terrorist organization, and claiming no fame, or going in as a lone wolf, with a shiny, powerful weapon, against a highly skilled and powerful terrorist army.


  • Player vs AI
  • Player vs Environment
  • Huge firefights in an open world
  • Weapon loot
  • Weapon rarity system
  • Ranking system
  • Army management system
  • Weapon purchasing
  • Army influence system
  • Planetary warping
  • Unique world events


    • FREE updates to the main game: The main game will have FREE updates forever, but DLC may be added as expansions to the universe, such as more planets to warp to. However, not having these DLCs, will not limit you in anyway in the game.
    • No microtransactions: DLCs are not microtransactions, however, mobile-like microtransactions will never be placed into the game.
    • No DMCA takedowns on YouTube videos: Want to make a video bashing the game? Go ahead. Want to make cool videos about the game? Go ahead. It's fair game.
    StatusIn development
    PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
    PublisherM4G Software
    Release date Dec 16, 2016
    Tags3D, Economy, First-Person, FPS, Management, Singleplayer


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    From what I can see, it's No Man's sky, but somehow better?